Sunday, October 09, 2005

SiSi Is Playing At My House

"PunkyFunkyRoboPogoDisco, from the west of Irelands finest, in the shape of 5 quality exclusive mixes showcasing their clubnights unique sound&vibe. Their loyal following are sure to be well happy with the latest installment.... it's pure class!"

Couldn't agree more. Nice Soulwax nite sessions-ish mix!

Check it at:


Blogger Macamba said...

Nice work! I like it. Too bad the mix isn't a little bit more fluent. They cut the drive out a lot of times. Fortunately it's kicked back in, with no regret! :D I'll listen the others as well.

13/10/05 00:24  
Blogger Macamba said...

OK, the others are briljant as well! Listening to 'Strip for me & I'll strip for you' and you are sold from the intro on! At least I was, but then again...

13/10/05 14:02  

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