Thursday, October 06, 2005

GRT Show 06-10

Yes indeed, there wàs a Guerilla show. It was, yet again, a solo show, but this time by Tha FreaQ. It was OK, but next time I'll reboot my computer first, because a lot of people complained about the lagginess of the stream. Maybe we have to find some better circumstances, so we can bring you the GueRaTa mixes in 128 Kbps minimum. On the other hand... I like crappy old-skool! Hahaha.
Anywayz, I haven't taped a single bit of the show. Mainly because I couldn't find my Minidisc recorder :). And it's a good thing too, because my CD players dissed me again. Halfway the show it refused to eject the CD's and if, by wonder, it dìd eject the CD's the trays didn't close all the way, so they wouldn't be read. So, I did some more tracks on vinyl and had to abort, because my vinyl stack has its limits... There is some good news though! New CD players are ordered. Hopefully I hear when they arrive soon. I can't wait!

Next week, another week, another show. Yet again FreaQ-n-Zee stylo, because Nemo is busy earning his money, so he can pay his dues :D. See ya next week!


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