Sunday, December 18, 2005

GRT Show 15-12

Well, we have no recordings, nor screaming fans on the webpage, but we did have a nice show! The flow was alright and I had a great laugh with R0bb3rt! A friend of mine with a great interest and good (sometime a bit freaky or ultra-corny) taste for music. It's always nice to have someone around! This week we'll be spinnin' some tunes in Zutphen on Thursdays, so this is another week of no-show. Maybe next week we can squeeze a show in, between the turkey and the champaign!


Blogger cptnemo said...

Upside is, I no longer work at the SJU, so I'll have plenty of time on Thu nights :).

20/12/05 18:49  
Anonymous owen said...

hey - flow is flow.

22/12/05 01:04  

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