Monday, January 02, 2006

New year? New show!

So, I hope you all had a nice new-years eve and everybody still is healthy and all... We had a show between christmas and new-years eve, but again... no recordings. I spinned some tunes with nemo and we had a great electro, house thang going on. A great relief for all them dancers out there! :D. But let's have a look at the future: nemo no longer employed @ SJU, Zephir back on his feet again and meself having an exam before the show means that we'll be rocking the internet again coming thursday. And I do mean the 5th! And maybe the week after that too! Wow, it's amazing!

Be carefull though, considering your potential addictions I have to prepare you on the fact that Zephir and I have a gig on the 19th on januari, maybe we can get some tunes in your direction, but that all depends on the scedule! You can believe me if I say we'll try, so watch my mouth!

See you thursday!


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