Sunday, April 30, 2006

MFF 22-04

Only a week after our last performance at the SJU, here's the full recording of the first ever Mama's Funky Flow gig on a saturday. I guess people aren't used to being rocked old school funk style on a saturday yet, but we got some people dancing and we still had a lot of fun.

Grab that funk:
Mama's Funky Flow @ SJU 22-04-2006 mono [2:25:35 / 93.71MB]

And you can still come check us out on one of our upcoming gigs, also I'd like to bring a new concept to your attention: ELEKTRA, which is a all electro and house music party at the SJU!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For more info, check,48,0,0,1,0.


1/5/06 00:20  
Blogger Sjoerd Kranendonk said...

to clarify that anonymous remark, check out the next upcoming related gig at the SJU here: Elektra!

1/5/06 17:36  

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