Sunday, August 20, 2006

MFF@SJU 18-08

Once again we rocked our asses off at the SJU, the recording of this most recent gig is already online as of now! We rock that four deck denon setup even harder than ever before! Check out the (incomplete) tracklist, or just download it right away.

Get the recording here while you can, as always it's only available for a limited time period:

Mama's Funky Flow live @ SJU 18-08-2006 mono [2:38:06 / 105MB] (right-click and save-as)

[edit] I updated the link so you can download this mix once again. also check for other mff downloads! 23-10-2006[/edit]


Blogger Macamba said...

Man, you guys make work so much nicer with this set. It gives me the right vibe to fight my way through my pile of articles to read. And without losing focus! Hurray!

Well, next I'll be listening and dancing live again. I need to get my ass in shape first though :P.

6/9/06 15:17  

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